Monday, May 16, 2011

I can't wait to move

Well... today was interesting. Our neighbors (who have previously said they hate pets) got a dog. Who gave them I dog, I don't know but they have one. Friday to Monday they kept the poor little thing tied to the side of their home for hours on end with no food or water. Finally, after 3 hours outside this morning, again, I contacted the DC Humane Society. Steve and I both tried knocking on their door today but they ignored us. Finally, we both decided it was best to contact the humane society. I mean, they were leaving this dog on a short leash, without food or water, for 3-4 hour stretches - more than once a day! They would let the dog inside only to leave the house about 5 minutes later.

Well, the humane society clearly made a visit today and the leash attached to the house is gone and they were actually, gasp, walking him. I went out for a walk with Donovan about 5pm and was greeted by a police officer. The neighbor's "retaliation" was to call the police saying our dog has been barking all day. Needless to say, the cop didn't believe them and said he felt bad for their dog, and for us. Our neighbors on the other side also think she's crazy and the police paid them a visit too. After the visit, we all stood outside talking about her craziness while she looked at us from her window. I am sure she's pissed that 1. she has to now actually take care of her pet and 2. her "retailiation' didn't work. I kind of worry what her next act will be and really can't wait to move. I still do not understand why she got a dog if she doesn't really want it.

I know I didn't do anything wrong and I was sure there would be a reaction but... I did forget to take into account her level of crazy. If she does anything truly nuts she better watch out because I can be a bitch on wheels. I mean, the only other thing she did when she got in was park directly in front of our house, in front of our for sale sign, in Steve's space. She forgets... I have a nice big car and am home all day so her street parking is about to disappear. Childish... yes. But will I do it anyway... yep! May as well have some fun with my ghetto ass neighbor before I go...

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