Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have some awesome friends

I have had people totally not understand my friendships with people I have never actually met. How can you really be friends with a person you have never seen, they ask. That's the amazing part of the digital age. I have a group of friends scattered all over the globe and out of that group, I've only met one face to face. They are the most amazing group of women. Supportive, loving, kind, caring and funny as hell. We met through a website for people trying to conceive before some of us even had children. I've been a part of the site for 3 years and the core group of women I talk to, I have been talking to for the majority of that 3 years. We all bonded and a friendship grew. I have yet to find any connections on that site as meaningful as this small group.

I shared this blog with them last night. The outpouring of love, friendship and support has been overwhelming to me and has meant more than I am sure they know. I think someday we have to try to do some sort of girls vacation somewhere together and meet. Yeah... that would be cool.

There is a lot about myself that I tell them and few others. Sure I have a couple friends who live near me and I talk to but... not really knowing my TTC journey like these women do, the sharing is not the same. The understanding is definitely not the same. I am more of an open book online because, well, it's just easier to share when you're writing it down and not actually saying it. It's easier to open up and be yourself when you're typing.

So, ladies, thank you. Your friendship is amazing and I am truly thankful to have you all in my life.

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